Past Puppies

Mila joined the Hess family last week, and has been doing amazing. She joined a frenchie brother who loves her.

Sarah took home Winston!!! He was always the biggest in the litter, but super gentle. She’s going to be such an awesome Frenchie momma! He will be joining his Lab brother!

Neegan joined the Jenkins Family!! They were so excited to get him, and his human sister was in love! Neegan has a couple frenchie siblings at home who have taken him under their wing! This little boy is going to make an amazing stud!

The Eibel Family welcome not only 1 but 2 of babies into their home this weekend. Walter was her first pick the fawn boy, then at the last second Dani decided to take Haven home too. She is just as crazy about dogs as I am, and I have a feeling these won’t be her last from KRF. These two went home to a human sister, and a frenchie sister (momma).

The Wittstein Family welcome Harvey (Whiskey Jr) into their home this weekend. He’s got a human sister who is going to make sure he burns off all that extra energy. 

Simon went to live in MN with his new family. He is joining a human sister and a frenchie brother and sister. They are doing amazing with him, and he’s fitting right in. 

Lola is staying here in Ohio with her dad who is retired, and looking forward to having a friend he can train and enjoy. She’s one lucky little girl.

Breena is staying in Ohio, and her new human sister just loves her. The cool part about this story is Breena was a gift for his mom, from the family that took Barney home.

Maris is staying in Ohio, and has joined a loving family who looks forward to spoiling her rotten. She has 2 human siblings that are obsessed with her. 

Braney is staying local in Ohio with his new family. He almost shares a birthday with his sister Flora! He also has a new brother Finn.

River Rose is living in PA with her family. She has a future boyfriend Jager, and a sister Mia

Oakleigh is staying right here in Ohio with her amazing family, and future boyfriend Tucker. 

Royal went to live with her new family right here in Ohio about 3 hours from us. She loves to run and play. She was always the quiet one in the litter she didn’t make much noise, and loved to cuddle. She didn’t complain, and loved to eat! She was the smallest girl to start, and she grew to be the second biggest when they left the nest!

Oh Braxton you handsome boy!!! Braxton was the only boy in a litter of 4, so he had his hands full. He was always quick to run from the girls and sleep along, and he was always waiting to do everything else the girls had already done. He was the last to open his eyes, and the last to stand his ears up. He did that right before he went to live with his amazing dads in Alabama. Braxton is the only dog in the home, so he super spoiled. He does have 2 cat siblings he’s gonna terrorize in time.

Greta our adorable blue fawn was such a show stopper! She was our little drama queen. She went to MI to live with her mom and 3 sisters, and her dog siblings 

Bentley is a spoiled guy who lives in KY with his mom and dad. They said he loves to have his picture taken. 

Malik lives in MI with his mom dad, and sister. They say he loves to play in the water.

Maverick lives in IL with his parents, and brothers and sisters (humans). I’m sure he is getting plenty of play time in everyday. They are looking to add another frenchie before to long!

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